Deer Isle Server – Currently Offline

General Rules:

  1. No exploitation.
    1.  Using glitches, hacks, bugs, etc. in the game to gain an unfair advantage to combat, resources, player stash hiding, etc.
    2.  Using glitches, hacks, bugs, etc. to gain access to player stashes, fortifications, bases, etc.
    3.  Exploiting unintended bugs with in-game items, assets, buildings, etc. to gain an unfair advantage.
  2.  Outside Communication is allowed on Eden (Discord, Teamspeak, Messengers, etc).
  3.  Third-party map references are permitted.
  4.  Do not @ admins unless there is a hacker on the server. For everything else if you need help @ a community representative.
  5.  Play the game, not the numbers.

Common Sense isn’t so Common Rules:

    1.  Metagaming is the use of out-of-game information or resources to affect one’s in-game decisions. For more in-depth info, read here:
    1.  Did you know most live content streaming services have this as part of their TOS? So do we and it will result in a ban.
    2.  If you are logged into the server and watching live content of any kind which references or shows active gameplay on this server, you may be in violation of stream sniping and/or metagaming. Refer back to metagaming.
    3.  Do not be in the server and watching someone’s stream (even if the stream is muted). Broadcasters and their mods can and will check. Doing so results in meta accusations so this is to help us and you.
  3. Do not open mic DMCA content.
    1.  Please be respectful to all players and content creators and do not broadcast DMCA content over VOIP (open mic, radios, etc.).
    2.  This includes if you as an individual have the rights/license to broadcast certain music which is otherwise protected by DMCA. You may have the rights to broadcast the content, but others may not. If the server as a whole gets rights to certain content, it will be shared.
    3.  Sound effects (clapping, bird noises, etc.) are a gray area – please do not use them excessively.
  4.  No combat logging for 10 minutes (logging out right after or during an encounter, avoiding further interaction).
  5. No griefing.
    1.  No false reporting.
    2.  Don’t be a jerk.
  6.  No rule lawyering. While you may dispute an initial ruling, server admins have the final say.
  7.  No ban evasion.
  8.  Do not impersonate staff.
  9.  Using the name “Survivor” is not allowed. Please change your name in the launcher. Names should be somewhat realistic.


  1.  If it deemed your base is causing server performance issue you be asked to correct this or an admin will get involved to rectify the problem.
  2.  We hope you keep server performance in mind when building as this can start to affect everyone else playing.
  3.  There are no combination locks.


  1. There are no locks on this server.
  2. Do not take flags unless you replace it with another, there are currently no custom flags and taking a flag knowing loot will despawn would be considered griefing.
  3. Do not throw someones loot on the ground and leave the storage container it was in. If there is another storage container around try to leave items in it. Leaving stuff on the ground on purpose is considered griefing.
  4. Consider leaving a note or something that can give the people you are raiding clues. Not something you NEED to do, but can help make things fun for others.