Welcome to Project Omega

  • This is a unique server you won’t find anywhere else, the way Dayz was meant to be played. Project Omega is a server based on organic interactions that are rare on most servers. The goal of which is to play heavily into the survival aspect of Dayz while weaving stories from it. Through a collective effort, everyone strives to keep the server as immersive as possible, to pull themselves and others around them deeply into the rough world of Dayz. Most of the people you come across will be playing as characters, each with their own goals/hidden intentions/agendas. This world is dangerous, rough and supplies are limited.

    Theft can and will happen, nothing is ever really safe(no ‘safe zones’). If you get stolen from you can either use it as fuel to track down who stole from you, set up bounties, or even just shrug and carry on.


    Death! It happens! Oh boy does it happen. As with in-character verbiage, there is a universal understanding that if someone “dies” you have the option of simply stating your character was airlifted/taken down south to a ‘Doctor’ or ‘Had to take a trip to see the Hag/Witch Doctor down south’. There is no expectation to perma your character if you die, but be aware there are some players who will perma their characters if they feel it progresses the story. This is why interactions are so important.

    NVL(No Value of Life)

    KOS can and will happen, though the goal of the server is story-built interactions not everyone is looking to be your friend, you may have something they want and they aren’t afraid to take it by any means. However, what is also heavily leaned into, especially for immersion, is valuing your life and showing value to someone else’s. ex; If you’re a freshie and someone rolls up to you with an automatic, holding you at gunpoint and you attack, do not complain if you get shot!
    You should always be on the lookout checking your surroundings, places like military zones people will be less likely to talk first but you could also be shot just carving up an animal you just killed in a field, no place is ever truly safe.

    Common language on the server for working with Dayz quirks is as follows.

    ‘Headaches’- Usually referred to when one is suffering from either a frame rate drop or lag. Ex; “I’m getting some headaches, give me a moment.”
    ‘Take a quick nap’- Used when one needs to relog. Either due to the dreaded radio bug, or otherwise. Most are so intent on their own immersion they will place themselves out of LOS from people before logging, or others may turn away to avoid seeing the sudden disappearance/reappearance of someone.
    ‘I’m going to sleep’- Refers to when a player is logging for an extended period of time.
    ‘Clear your throat’ -Used when your VOIP or Microphone is either not coming through or experiencing issues/static. Others may even just state ‘You alright, sounding like a robot.’
    ‘Settle down before the storm/Storm is about to happen’- Refers to general server resets, it’s a way to not break a roleplay pacing and again attempt to retain immersion in the moment. Some continue to play through these resets right up until it happens, others like to take a beat.
    ‘My hands are frozen/paraylized/locked’- It happens! An in-game way of fixing the dreaded frozen hands and most will communicate it in an in character way. (raise your hands up ‘F5’+jump, or have someone restrain and release you).

    Will you play a ruthless bandit? Will you be a lone survivor looking out for ‘number 1’? Or will you want to bring some justice and order to the territory? The story is yours to tell.